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Yher Arte - Heartless Tattoos is an independent tattoo artist brand, ran 100% by the shop owner and manager. Our shop manager ships roughly about 2-3 times a week, Thursdays through Saturday's. With this in mind, orders may take between 1-14 days to process to make sure that everything ships safely via USPS:

Domestic orders take up to 5-7 business days to arrive.


​We have a strict No Returns policy, unless product is damaged or missing (through insurance/tracking we can refund any missing packages or reship missing items). If you receive a product that is faulty or damaged upon transit, the items will be replaced with no extra charges to the customer. Please photograph your items and contact the shop through our contact us page or our email. Please also be sure to include your order number.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience. Working on art & a shop is a great amount of work and dedication. We pour ourselves 100% into it so I hope you enjoy the work!


Melissa Lopez / Yher Arte

.:Heartless Tattoos:.

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