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About Yher

Pronounced "Why Her"

Yher / Melissa was born and raised in West Los Angeles. She's a multi media female artist who focuses on the symbolism and sensuality in feminism through her work by adding powerful, yet sweet & innocent features.

Melissa aspires to show cultural values and custom culture lifestyle in her work, as she is heavily influenced by her Mexican culture, as well as the tattoo industry and lowrider scene. She's your local Los Angeles illustrator, tattooer and street artist.

Her favorite mediums include: Tattooing, Aerosol Spray Paint, Graphite, Ink, Oil, Water Color,

Graphic Design, Face Painting & more!

She's been hired by companies such as:

-Disney       -Paramount Studios      -Sony       -LATV Network       -Little People LA

-Monster Products        -LA Live        -Rapid 7 Company       -Blick Art Supplies     -Paul Frank

-City of Los Angeles      -Various Community Councils in Los Angeles      -Water's Auto Body        -& More!

& Melissa / Yher Arte has been Awarded Certifications by the City of Los Angeles for the 3rd time for her community work as a Los Angeles resident and native.

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