Are you open to take a mural commission?

Yes! I am always taking mural requests through out the year. Street art and mural's are one of my top priorities. I do all types of murals including window signage, sign painting, custom murals etc. Please feel free to contact me in the contact section of my website!

Are you interested in collaborating on a mural?

Depending on my schedule, but usually I am interested in accepting collaborations, please send me an email with info or the project/mural, the date, and photos/social media/or website (either of the 3 will do) of the artist making the inquiry to collab.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! Please send me an email in the contact section of my site and include what you'd like, size, and if you have a time frame you wanted/needed it by. I will get back to you or your company promptly and let you know if I can accept the commission at the time.

Are you interested in collaborating with my brand?

Depending on the request and time frame, I'm always up for collaborating!

Are you open to being interviewed on our blog/newspaper/magazine/podcast?

I'd be honored to be on your next blog/newspaper/magazine/podcast. Feel free to look at my press section on my site as well for any previous publishing's of Yher Arte. Please email me through the contact page. Thank you!

Would you like to participate in a gallery show?

Yes, Yes, Yes! I love showcasing & would feel honored to be apart of your next show! Just in case though, depending on my availability, I might be inclined to decline if show lands on a busy schedule for me. Email me for more info!

Can I stock your brand in my store front?

Definitely! Send me a message with your wants & needs for my merch or art, I'd be more than happy to have my work at your store! Message me in the contact page of my site. Thank you!

Can I get your artwork tattooed?

I use to give permission before and would even accept tattoo design commissions, but going through a tattoo apprenticeship has taught me to value your tattoo artist and allow them to design your piece as you have chosen them, I'm guessing you chose the artist because you trust their work. For now, I will be declining any tattoo design requests and if you would like to tattoo one of my girls on you, I would appreciate it if you waited a year or 2 till I can tattoo it myself, hehe. I am continuing my learning with tattooing and will be tattooing my original custom designs on people. I feel honored already people messaging me to do so and soon I will be able too with trust and patience I will achieve my desired career path as a tattoo artist. Thank You!

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