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Yher is a brand developer that has created works for: 

The Originals, Homegirlz Beauty, Red Rose Lashes, Xipiteca, Shop Mi Vida, Boardwalk 11, Waters Auto Body, USC Fraternity House, and many more. 

Yher is selective with the commissions she accepts, she focuses on request commercial and independently owned brands.    


Interested in getting a commission? 

Please include the following

  • What are you interested in me creating

  • What colors do you want me to incorporate the most

  • What shape do you want it in (square, rectangle, etc)

  • Feel free to attach any references you have for inspiration

  • Send me your email for your invoice

  • The deadline (if applicable) 

Please note that your commission will not be accepted if the following applies:

  • Requests for fixing up or finishing someone else's work

  • Requests for either previous or other artist drawings

  • Requests without an active business social media and website

  • Requests for personal commissions

Be aware that commissions can take anywhere from 1-2 months to be completed as we work with many different clients and brands. All sales are final.

Let us know

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